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If you look around, you will probably see that this blog is not like a lot of other blogs.  This is not just a random collection of whatever thoughts pop into my head.  (I do capture many of those thoughts in this blog, but they are not published until they are carefully arranged and fully polished.)

I am primarily writing this for myself.  Specifically, this is for my self that gets discouraged when I look at the enormity of the changes that are coming.  When I am in that state, I reread this blog.  I will only write in it when I am in a positive mood.

If you follow John Michael Greer, you may recognize this as a theurgical work.  You are welcome to follow along, but I will consider this blog a success even if the only person I influence is myself.

I have settled on a strict schedule of publishing once a week.  It may look like I'm backdating the entries, but they're actually forward dated from when I first saved them.  Again, these are to improve my own mood and thinking, and I don't actually publish them until I am completely satisfied with each entry.  Right now I am behind, I am trying to publish 2 or 3 entries per week until I am caught up.

There is a rough order to my blog entries, too; I start with more basic concepts and build on them.  I do link back to previous entries that I am building on, so you can refer back to unfamiliar concepts, but if you are just starting to read my blog, you may find it useful to start from the beginning.

My Blogroll

The list of blogs I follow is my hardest working section.  These aren't merely ones I like, but ones I try to keep up with.  I have them in chronological order of latest entries, so I can just start from the top and read until I come to one I have already read.

The only way to get on my blogroll is to produce a blog I feel is worth the time to read.  It doesn't matter how often you publish, because I can just ignore the ones that I have already read.  You can lose a spot on my blogroll by being crass and vulgar; that's why James Howard Kunstler is not on, I don't even want the title of his blog on mine.  (Not that I don't read it, mind you, but I have to be in the right mood.)  Also, now that I have two blogs, the blogroll for The Long Ascent is for more philosophical blogs, more practical blogs go on Going Upslope.  (Darn you, sixbears, I don't know where to put you!)

Reblogging and Copyright

I don't mind limited reblogging of my work, provided:
  1. You absolutely under all circumstances must attribute it to me.
  2. You use the text exactly as published, including hyperlinks.  No editing or inline comments are allowed --  any text not mine must clearly be outside the quoted material.
  3. Every republication must refer to my blog, preferably the URL of the entry being quoted, but at a minimum the URL of my home page, thelongascent.blogspot.com (both would be even better).
  4. Most of the content of your blog should be uniquely yours. Copying large numbers of my entries is not allowed.
Any variations require written permission.  Most will require compensation; I am a freelance author on textbroker and Helium.

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